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Securing access to the Qlik Replicate Web UI

Qlik Replicate offers the following Web UI configurations:

  • A Windows-based Qlik Replicate UI Server service which offers granular user authorization based on a user’s Active Directory identity and group membership. This service provides user interface functionality and communicates with the backend Qlik Replicate Server (on Windows or Linux).

    Connecting to this server is done using HTTPS with Windows Authentication.

  • The Qlik Replicate Server on Windows or Linux can also serve the Web UI directly, but supports just a single user with a fixed role of administrator (’admin’).

    Connecting to this server is done using HTTPS with Basic Authentication.

    See also Configuration 3: Replicate UI Console and Replicate server running on Linux.

In line with current industry security standards, the Qlik Replicate web user interface enforces the use of HTTPS to protect against eavesdropping and data leakage. Using HTTPS requires a valid server certificate to be installed on the Qlik Replicate server machine.

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