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The OEM feature prevents abuse of QlikView Servers sold under an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) license and protects the revenue streams of both the OEM products and the full QlikView product. In addition, the feature helps avoid channel conflicts between QlikView OEM partners, QlikView reseller partners, and QlikView direct account managers.

The OEM feature includes the following restrictions:

  • A QlikView Server delivered to a customer by an OEM partner cannot run other QlikView applications than the ones delivered by the OEM partner.
  • A QlikView application delivered to a customer by an OEM partner cannot run on another QlikView Server than the one delivered by the OEM partner.

Detailed Function Description

The functions of the OEM feature are as follows:

A tag with a key is defined in the QlikView Server License Enabler File (LEF) as OEM_PRODUCT_ID. This LEF tag is issued once for each OEM partner and their QlikView Desktop, and QlikView Server licenses with matching tags are delivered for each QlikView Server deployment requiring this feature.

The User Preferences dialog in QlikView Desktop allows an OEM developer to embed a hash key in the QlikView document file. The hash key, which is based on the OEM_PRODUCT_ID key present in the QlikView Desktop license of the OEM partner, is a capitalized 40 character hex string that is stored in the Document Properties and Document metadata. In the dialog, the partner can label all keys generated for the QlikView document files. The same key can be used for multiple documents belonging to the same customer.

A QlikView Server with the OEM_PRODUCT_ID tag in its LEF only permits the publishing of QlikView document files with a matching key on that QlikView Server. A standard, non-OEM QlikView Server by default opens any QlikView document file, with the exception of document files containing a specific key that some OEM partners are issued with to prevent opening with any other QlikView Server than the one with a matching OEM_PRODUCT_ID.

The table below provides a few examples of the results of the OEM functionality.

QEM functionality examples
- Normal.qvw OEM 1.qvw OEM 2.qvw
Normal QlikView Server File opened File not opened File not opened
OEM 1 (No license lease) File not opened File opened File not opened
OEM 2 (No license lease) File not opened File not opened File opened

In QlikView Desktop, a document file containing a PRODUCT_ID is opened in user mode.

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