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User Management Search Functions

In the search field of the Manage Users dialog, the following apply:

  • Searches in the Microsoft Active Directory are performed on the account names, sAMAccountName (the login name) and name (the entire account name), only.
  • Example: sAMAccountName


    Example: name

    John Smith

  • The asterisk operator, '*', meaning 'match of any character(s)', is supported.
  • The separator operator, ';' (semicolon), meaning that several search criteria can be stated at the same time, is supported.
  • Example:  

    jsmith*;wjones* will search for account names matching jsmith* or wjones*.

  • Searches are not case sensitive, meaning that upper and lower case characters are treated as if they were the same.
  • Searches can be limited within a specific directory service provider, by stating a qualifier.
  • Example 1:  

    <domain_name>\jsmith* will search for account names matching jsmith* in the directory <domain_name>, only.

    Example 2:  

    <computer_name>\jsmith* will search for local account names matching jsmith* on the local <computer_name>, only.

    Example 3:  

    custom\jsmith will search for account names matching jsmith in custom users, only.

    Example 4:  

    jsmith* will search for account names matching jsmith* in any configured directory service provider.

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