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QlikView properties: measures

Measures are in Chart.Expression list. The first measure is Chart.Expression.0.0, the second measure is in Chart.Expression.1.0, and so on.

The following measure properties can be defined:

Measure properties that can be defined
Property syntax Property function and values
Chart.Expression.0.0.Definition The Definition used for the Measure
Chart.Expression.0.0.Relative 1: Calculate relative value
  • 0: No Accumulation
  • 1: Full Accumulation
  • 2: Accumulate
Chart.Expression.0.0.AccumulateSteps Number of steps to accumulate
  • 0: Default
  • 2: Number
  • 3: Date
  • 4: Time
  • 5: Timestamp
  • 6: Interval
  • 10: Integer
  • 11: Fixed to
  • 12: Money
Chart.Expression.0.0.NumberFormat.Pattern Pattern
Chart.Expression.0.0.NumberFormat.Precision Precision
Chart.Expression.0.0.NumberFormat.Decimals Decimals
Chart.Expression.0.0.NumberFormat.Separator.Decimal Decimal separator
Chart.Expression.0.0.NumberFormat.Separator Thousands separator
Chart.Expression.0.0.NumberFormat.InPercent 1: In Percent

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