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Qlik Cloud platform

The Qlik Cloud platform is designed to provide our customers with a platform to securely move their analytics and data workloads to the cloud. Built on cloud-native technologies, Qlik Cloud automatically scales to meet the workloads of the modern enterprise and provides Qlik customers a platform to consolidate their data and analytics solutions in a single hub.

With a global presence and a strong focus on security and availability, Qlik Cloud provides a safe and secure platform for our global customers. With the ability to choose where their tenant is hosted, customers can ensure their data is close to their location and in a geography that meets their business requirements.

Qlik understands that our customers often want to integrate and embed their analytics and visualizations into their own portals and systems. Therefore, Qlik continues to invest in providing integration approaches and supported open-source libraries and tools to make this easier for our customers. With comprehensive APIs and Qlik’s developer portal providing resources and examples, Qlik is committed to help our customers make Qlik Cloud a part of their own solutions.

For existing Qlik Client-Managed customers, Qlik Cloud has the capability to facilitate the transition to SaaS. Customers can choose to continue reloading apps on-premises, move some apps to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, or use Qlik Data Integration tools to access their data sources on-premises while moving consumption to the cloud. Qlik Data Services provide a near real-time solution for bringing your data into the Qlik Cloud platform. Qlik Application Automation allows you to integrate your Qlik Cloud-based solutions with third party cloud-based solutions. Integrated identity providers and flexible deployment and subscription options make this easy to manage and minimize costs during the transition.

Qlik Cloud Government

Qlik Cloud Government is an implementation of Qlik Cloud which is only available for the U.S. public sector. Qlik Cloud Government has differences from Qlik’s commercial Qlik Cloud offering due to the security protocols required by the US public sector (FedRAMP Moderate Impact Level (IL) and Department of Defense (DoD) IL 2).

Wherever possible, Qlik keeps both platform offerings in sync for product features and capabilities. For details on the differences between Qlik Cloud Government and our other Qlik Cloud offerings, see Qlik Cloud Government Overview .

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