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Setting up High Availability

This section describes how to set up Enterprise Manager in a Windows High Availability Cluster.

Information note
  • When the Enterprise Manager data directory is installed in a non-default location, the -d <data_directory> parameter must be included in all commands, where data directory is the location of the data directory.
  • To obtain a Replication Management license for Enterprise Manager in a High Availability Cluster, you must provide your Qlik Sales Representative with the official cluster FQDN.
  • Throughout this chapter "Node 1" and "Node 2" are used to refer to the primary and secondary clustering nodes respectively.
Warning note

When building failover cluster solutions with Replicate using Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC) or a Linux failover cluster software, Qlik recommends using a block device (physical, virtual or iSCSI-based) for the shared Replicate DATA folder. Using NFS or SMB-based storage is not supported due to the associated latency which could greatly degrade the data transfer performance, as well as due to reduced reliability and compatibility issues. When building a cloud-based high availability solution that needs to span different availability zones, it is recommended to use a Storage-as-a-Service solution that can handle the block-level replication of the storage and that is integrated with the chosen failover clustering software.

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