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Monitoring servers

Qlik Enterprise Manager shows server information in table format. The following columns are available. Note that columns marked with an asterisk (*) are not available for Compose servers.

  • State: The current state of the server. When the server is being monitored, the state can be Monitored (green icon), which means that the Enterprise Manager connected and synchronized successfully, or Error, including error details (red icon). When the server is not being monitored, the state is Not Monitored and the connection icon is grayed out.

    Information noteWhen a server experiences connection issues, tasks for this server are grayed out in the Tasks View.
  • Name: The server’s display name
  • Host: The server’s hostname or IP address
  • Port: The port through which the server is accessed
  • Type: The server version (i.e. Compose or Replicate)
  • Version: The server version
  • License Expiration: The expiration date of the server license
  • Last Connection: The date and time of the last successful sync/retrieval of tasks and messages
  • Message: The error message displayed if Qlik Enterprise Manager cannot connect to the server

  • Days to Expiration: Days remaining until the license expires
  • Description: A description of the server
  • Issue Date: When the license was issued
  • License State: The current license state (e.g. valid, expired, etc.)
  • Platform: The operating system on which the server is installed, which will be Windows or Linux for Replicate servers or Windows for Compose servers.
  • *Disk Usage (MB): The amount of disk space that the server is currently consuming. This is the sum of disk usage of all tasks on this server. For details about a task’s disk usage, see Task progress summary.
  • *Memory (MB): The amount of memory that the server is currently consuming. This is the sum of memory usage of all active tasks on this server, not including stopped tasks. For details about a task’s memory usage, see Task progress summary.
  • *Qlik CPU (%): The amount of CPU being utilized on the server machine by Replicate and Enterprise Manager processes only.
  • *Machine CPU (%): The amount of CPU being utilized by all processes on the server machine (including Replicate and Enterprise Manager processes).

Tasks columns: The number of tasks for each state.

Task state columns
Task State Icon Description



The total number of tasks, regardless of state.


Running task (green arrow) icon

The number of running tasks


Stopped task (grey square) icon

The number of stopped tasks


Recovering task (orange circle) icon

The number of recovering tasks.


Error task (red X) icon

The number of tasks that encountered a fatal error

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