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The decimal separator defined replaces the decimal symbol for currency set by your regional settings.

Tip note

By default, Qlik Sense displays numbers and text differently in table charts. Numbers are right-aligned, and text is left-aligned. This makes it easy to find text-to-number conversion issues. Any tables on this page that show Qlik Sense results will use this formatting.



Qlik Sense applications will interpret text fields that conform to this formatting as monetary values. The text field must contain the currency symbol that is defined in the MoneyFormat system variable. MoneyDecimalSep is particularly helpful when handling data sources received from multiple different regional settings.

The following example shows a possible use of the MoneyDecimalSep system variable:

Set MoneyDecimalSep='.';

This function is often used together with the following functions:

Related functions
Function Interaction
MoneyFormat In instances of text field interpretation, the MoneyFormat symbol will be used as part of the interpretation. For Number Formatting, the MoneyFormat formatting will be used by Qlik Sense in Chart Objects.
MoneyThousandSep In instances of text field interpretation, the MoneyThousandSep function must also be adhered to.

Regional settings

Unless otherwise specified, the examples in this topic use the following date format: MM/DD/YYYY. The date format is specified in the SET DateFormat statement in your data load script. The default date formatting may be different in your system, due to your regional settings and other factors. You can change the formats in the examples below to suit your requirements. Or you can change the formats in your load script to match these examples.

Default regional settings in apps are based on the regional system settings of the computer or server where Qlik Sense is installed. If the Qlik Sense server you are accessing is set to Sweden, the Data load editor will use Swedish regional settings for dates, time, and currency. These regional format settings are not related to the language displayed in the Qlik Sense user interface. Qlik Sense will be displayed in the same language as the browser you are using.

Example 1 - MoneyDecimalSep dot (.) notation

Example 2 - MoneyDecimalSep comma (,) notation

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