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FieldValue - script and chart function

FieldValue() returns the value found in position elem_no of the field field_name (by load order).


FieldValue(field_name , elem_no)

Return data type: dual


Argument Description
field_name Name of the field for which the value is required. For example, the column in a table. Must be given as a string value. This means that the field name must be enclosed by single quotes.
elem_no The position (element) number of the field following the load order, that the value is returned for. This could correspond to the row in a table, but it depends on the order in which the elements (rows) are loaded.


  • If elem_no is larger than the number of field values, NULL is returned.

  • Sorting on y-values in charts or sorting by expression columns in tables is not allowed when this chart function is used in any of the chart's expressions. These sort alternatives are therefore automatically disabled. When you use this chart function in a visualization or table, the sorting of the visualization will revert back to the sorted input to this function. This limitation does not apply to the equivalent script function.

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