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Depending on your Qlik Sense Enterprise deployment, there are different ways to develop and publish apps.

You can develop an app by yourself and then publish it to a stream to make it available to consumers. If you are developing apps collaboratively, you can publish an app to a stream where reviewers and collaborators can add sheets and stories. You can then include these sheets and stories in the public content of your app before publishing it to a stream for consumers.

The following is a sample workflow for developing and publishing apps.

  1. Publish your app to a Qlik Sense Enterprise review stream.

    When you have created a data-model and created visualizations in your app, you can publish to a stream dedicated for reviews so that other Qlik Sense Enterprise hub users can access, collaborate, and provide feedback.

    For more information on publishing apps, see Publishing an app from the hub.

  2. Manage the collaborative development of the published app.

    Once the app is in the review stream, other developers can add sheets and stories to the app. Sheets and stories are private by default. However, developers can publish them as community sheets and stories to make them available to other users.

    As the app owner, you can add community sheets and stories to the public sheets and stories of your app. This enables the sheets and stories to be included when the app is duplicated or exported.

    For more information, see the following topics:

    Publishing a sheet

    Publishing a story

    Adding sheets to the public sheets of an app

    Adding stories to the public stories of an app

  3. Manage your app properties.

    Qlik Sense administrators can create custom properties that are used for tasks such as limiting access to the app to certain users or groups. You can add these custom properties to your app in the hub.

    For more information on app properties, see Managing app properties.

  4. Move your published app to a consumption stream.

    When you have completed the review and collaborative development of the app, you can move your published app to a consumption stream, where the target consumers can access the app.

    For information on moving an app between streams, see Publishing an app from the hub.

  5. Republish the app.

    Optionally, republish the app to make any necessary updates to the published app, such as new public sheets or updates to the data model.

    For information on updating a published app, see Republishing an app from the hub.

  6. Retire the app to an archive stream.

    When the app is no longer required, you can remove it from the consumption stream to an archive stream.

    For more information on moving apps, see Publishing an app from the hub.

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