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Keyboard shortcuts used in smart search

Information noteThis description of keyboard shortcuts assumes you are working in Windows. For macOS use Cmd instead of Ctrl.
Keyboard shortcuts used in smart search
Keyboard navigation Description
Ctrl+F Open smart search. You can then enter the values or characters you want to search for.
Tab or Enter

Add the first suggested search string to the search field, if none is highlighted.

Down/up arrow keys

Move between the search field, suggested search string list, and search results.

Move between rows in the search results.

Right/left arrow keys

Move between the entries in the suggested search string list.


Add the highlighted entry from the suggested search string list to the search field.


Make a selection of the highlighted search result.

Make a selection from the highlighted suggested search string list.


Clear the search field.

Close smart search (if the search field is empty).

Ctrl+F Close smart search.

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