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Correl - script function

Correl() returns the aggregated correlation coefficient for a series of coordinates represented by paired numbers in x-expression and y-expression iterated over a number of records as defined by a group by clause.


Correl(value1, value2)

Return data type: numeric


Argument Description
value1, value2 The expressions or fields containing the two sample sets for which the correlation coefficient is to be measured.


Text values, NULL values and missing values in any or both pieces of a data-pair result in the entire data-pair being disregarded.

Examples and results:  

Add the example script to your app and run it. To see the result, add the fields listed in the results column to a sheet in your app.

Resulting data
Example Result


Load *, 1 as Grp;

LOAD * inline [

"Employee name"|Gender|Age|Salary

Aiden Charles|Male|20|25000

Brenda Davies|Male|25|32000

Charlotte Edberg|Female|45|56000

Daroush Ferrara|Male|31|29000

Eunice Goldblum|Female|31|32000

Freddy Halvorsen|Male|25|26000

Gauri Indu|Female|36|46000

Harry Jones|Male|38|40000

Ian Underwood|Male|40|45000

Jackie Kingsley|Female|23|28000

] (delimiter is '|');




Correl(Age,Salary) as Correl_Salary Resident Salary Group By Grp;


In a table with the dimension Correl_Salary, the result of the Correl() calculation in the data load script will be shown: 0.9270611

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