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Mashups in offline Qlik Sense Desktop configurations

The ability to access web applications while being offline is significant for some; users may lose network while on the move. In most cases, Qlik Sense Desktop works without restriction even though you do not have access to an internet connection. To make your web application work best in an offline environment, make sure to remove any online dependencies that your web application may have.

Information noteThe APIs provided with Qlik Sense Desktop are not dependent upon network capability.

Supported mashup conditions in offline configurations

Mashup consumption in offline configurations is supported according to the following conditions:

  • The Qlik content is locally stored, such as local Qlik Sense applications, local themes, locally stored extensions and extension dependencies.
  • The Qlik Sense APIs are not dependent on internet or network capability.
  • Qlik Sense Desktop can be run offline during a 10 days grace period.

Locally accessible Qlik content

The following content is accessible locally and can be used in your mashups and web applications in offline environments:

  • QVFs
  • Extensions and extension dependencies used by the QVF
  • Themes and theme dependencies used by the QVF
  • Mashup in the form of a deployed extension
  • Mashup dependencies, such as CSS and third party libraries

Authentication and offline grace period

Before you can start using Qlik Sense Desktop, you need to authenticate yourself either with your Qlik Account or against a Qlik Sense Enterprise server. You need to have a working network connection to enable authentication.

After you have been authenticated once, internet access is not required to continue using Qlik Sense Desktop. However, you have to re-authenticate yourself if ten days have passed since you last authenticated, if you have logged out, or if your administrator has revoked your user access for Qlik Sense Enterprise server. This means you can continue using Qlik Sense Desktop while being offline for up to ten days. The offline grace period starts when you launch Qlik Sense Desktop the first time while being offline. When the grace period has expired, you have to re-authenticate yourself.

Use case 1:

You go on vacation for five weeks and immediately after your vacation, you travel to an area where you are offline. You launch Qlik Sense Desktop while being offline.


You will be given ten days to use Qlik Sense Desktop before you are forced to re-authenticate yourself again. Your five-week vacation does not impact the grace period.

Use case 2:

You never close Qlik Sense Desktop.


If you never close Qlik Sense Desktop after successfully logging on once, you will be allowed to use Qlik Sense Desktop for as long as it remains open, without being asked to log on again.

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