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gauge properties

Information noteSTABLE.

This API is reliable and breaking changes are unlikely.


These are the properties used by Qlik Sense gauges.

Version history

Version history
Version state Details
Introduced 2.2



Type: Boolean

Show title for the visualization.

Default: true.


Type: Boolean

Sets if visualization details should be shown.

Default: false


Type: String | qStringExpression

Visualization title shown if "showTitles": true.


Type: String | qStringExpression

Visualization subtitle shown if "showTitles": true.


Type: String | qStringExpression

Visualization footnote shown if "showTitles": true.


Type: Boolean

Disables the hover menu in the visualization.

Default: false


Type: Object

The hypercube definition used by most visualizations.

A subset of the properties available in the qHyperCubeDef is presented here. For complete documentation of all available properties, see Engine API: HyperCubeDef.



Type: Array

Description: Extends NxMeasure, see Engine API: NxMeasure.

Additional properties

  • qDef

    Type: Object

    Description: Extends NxInlineMeasureDef, see Engine API: NxInlineMeasureDef.

    qDef Properties
    Name Type Description
    autoSort Boolean

    Set to automatically sort the measure.

    Default: true

    cId String ID used by the client. Must be unique within the current chart.
    numFormatFromTemplate Boolean

    When enabled, the number format to use can be selected from multiple predefined formats based on the desired type: number or date.

    Default: true

    isCustomFormatted Boolean Set to true to toggle off the default client formatting.
  • qAttributeExpressions

    Type: Array

    Extends NxAttrExprDef, see Engine API: NxAttrExprDef.


    Type: String

    One of:

    • colorByAlternative: colors the chart using different dimensions. Can be used together with color.mode="byDimension" for attribute dimensions.
    • colorByExpression: used together with color.mode="byExpression".


Type: Object


Type: Object

Set to define custom error messages.

  • calcCondition

    Type: String

    Description: Deprecated. Use qCalcCondition.qMsg instead. Set to customize the calculation condition unfilled message.


Type: Object

Reference line settings.


Type: Array

refLines properties
Name Type Description
show Boolean

Set to true to display this reference line.

Default: true

label String Reference line label.
color Integer

Deprecated. Use paletteColor instead.


Default: 3

paletteColor Object

Description: Color information structure. Holds the actual color and index in palette.

  • color:

    Type: String

    Description: Color as hex string (mandatory if index: -1)
  • index:

    Type: Integer

    Description: Index in palette. If a custom color, not in the palette, is being used, set index to -1.


Type: Object

Measure axis settings.

measureAxis properties
Name Type Description
show String

Set to display the labels and titles. Can be one of:

  • all
  • labels
  • title
  • none

Default: all

spacing Number

Set the axis scale:

Default: 1

min ValueExpressionContainer Set the min value for the range.
max ValueExpressionContainer Set the max value for the range.


Type: String

Sets the visual representation of the gauge. Can be one of:

  • radial
  • bar

Default: radial


Type: Boolean

Sets auto orientation.

Default: true


Type: String

Orientation settings. Applicable if "autoOrientation": false. Can be:

  • horizontal
  • vertical

Default: horizontal


Type: Number

Sets the arc size of a radial gauge. All gauges created with Qlik Sense by default sets "angle": 0.7 which means that 70 per cent of the arc is displayed. If you set "angle": 0.5, half of the arc is displayed.

Default: 0.7


Type: Boolean

Set to use color segments.


Type: Integer

Deprecated. Use paletteProgressColor instead.

Set single color to use. Only used if useSegments is false.

Default: 3


Type: Object

Color information structure. Holds actual color and index in palette.

paletteProgressColor properties
Name Type Description
index Integer

Index in the palette.

The default Qlik Sense color palette:

  • -1: set to use custom color that is not in the palette.
  • 0: No color
  • 1: White, HEX: #ffffff
  • 2: Light green, HEX: #46c646
  • 3: Green, HEX: #276e27
  • 4: Light blue, HEX: #b6d7ea
  • 5: Blue, HEX: #7db8da
  • 6: Dark blue, HEX: #4477aa
  • 7: Purple, HEX: #8e477d
  • 8: Yellow, HEX: #ffcf02
  • 9: Orange, HEX: #f8981d
  • 10: Red, HEX: #f93f17
  • 11: Brown, HEX: #633d0c
  • 12: Light gray, HEX: #b0afae
  • 13: Gray, HEX: #7b7a78
  • 14: Dark gray, HEX: #545352
  • 15: Black, HEX: #000000

Default: 6

color String

Color as HEX string.

Mandatory if "index": "-1".


Type: String

Defines if the gauge should display absolute values or relative values. Can be one of:

  • absolute
  • relative

Default: absolute


Type: Integer

Sets the maximum number of color segments.

Default: 6


Type: Object

Defines segment information. Applicable if "useSegments": true.

segmentInfo properties
Name Type Description
limits Array

Color gradient limitations.

  • value:

    Type: ValueExpressionContainer

    Description: Value expression container.
  • gradient:

    Type: Boolean

    Description: Set to use gradient between segments.
paletteColors Object

Replaces segment colors and provides ability to set custom colors. Overrides segment.colors when set.

  • color:

    Type: String

    Description: Color as hex string (mandatory if index: -1)
  • index:

    Type: Integer

    Description: Index in palette. Default: 6
colors String

Color value for individual segment.

  • color:
    Type: Integer
    Color of segment. Default: 3


Type: Boolean

Set to true if you do not want to show a disclaimer on gauge objects.

Default: true


Type: Object

Controls if colors encoded in master items should be used.

color properties
Name Type Description
useBaseColors String

Use colors encoded in master items. One of:

  • off
  • measure

Default: measure

Example using Visualization API

Tip noteFor more examples of how to create gauges on the fly, see Mashups: Creating gauges.

In this example we create a basic radial gauge, containing one measure, with the titles switched off and a custom range.

      "qDef": {
        "qLabel": "Fairway hits",
        "qDef": "Avg(FwHit)",
        "qNumFormat": {
            "qType": "F",
            "qnDec": 2,
            "qUseThou": 0,
            "qFmt": "0.0%",
            "qDec": ".",
            "qThou": ","
    "showTitles": false,
    "measureAxis": {
      "min": 0,
      "max": 1
    "gaugetype": "radial"

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