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Troubleshooting mashups and web apps in Qlik Sense SaaS

This section describes problems that can occur when trying to log on to the site hosting your mashup or web app after integrating it with Qlik Sense SaaS, as well as suggestions for resolving them. For additional troubleshooting scenarios, see Build a simple web app.

Error: 401 Unauthorized

Scenario 1

Possible cause  

The web integration ID for the hosting domain is incorrect or missing from your solution.

Proposed action  

Verify the web integration ID and make sure it has been added to your solution. See Web Integration Examples for examples of where to add your web integration ID.

Scenario 2

Possible cause  

Failed to trigger the login process for the user.

Proposed action  

Make sure the login flow has been triggered before trying to access the APIs.

Error: Cross-origin request has been blocked by CORS policy.

Possible cause  

Your origin (domain) does not match the configured whitelist for your web integration in the management console.

Proposed action  

Update the whitelist configuration of the web integration entity for your site. Refer to Managing web integrations for details.

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