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OpenDoc method

Opens an app and checks if the app needs to be migrated (if the app is deprecated). The OpenDoc method compares the version of the app with the version of Qlik Sense and migrates the app to the current version of Qlik Sense if necessary. Once the migration is done, the app is opened. If no migration is needed, the app is opened immediately. The following applies:

  • The app version is lower than 0.95: no migration is done. Apps older than the version 0.95 are not supported.
  • The app version is at least 0.95 and less than the Qlik Sense version: the app is migrated and then opened.
  • Qlik Sense and the app have the same version: the app is opened, no migration is needed.

Information note

If the app is read-only, the app migration cannot occur. An error message is sent.


In Qlik Sense Desktop, apps are automatically backed up before a migration. The backup files are located in %userprofile%\Documents\Qlik\Sense\AppsBackup<Qlik Sense Desktop version>. In Qlik Sense Enterprise, no automatic back up is run. The back up should be done manually.


Name Description Mandatory Type

The GUID (in Qlik Sense Enterprise) or Name (in Qlik Sense Desktop) of the app to retrieve.

Yes String

Name of the user that opens the app.

No String

Password of the user.

No String

Current Qlik Sense serial number.

No String

Set this parameter to true to be able to open an app without loading its data. When this parameter is set to true, the objects in the app are present but contain no data. The script can be edited and reloaded. The default value is false.

No Boolean


Name Description Type
qReturn ObjectInterface

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