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Building a story

The purpose of a story is to gather insight throughout your analysis and build clear narratives around your data. You structure the story in a way that makes it come out as convincing as possible to your audience.

Using slides, you can structure your story and put time-based snapshots of your data visualizations into these slides.

In this section, you can find examples on how to create a story, add some slides, take some snapshots, and remove some stories or slides.

Creating a story

You can create a story by creating a new object or by cloning an existing story.

Create a story.

Clone a story.

Adding a slide to a story

You can create a slide by creating a child of a story.

Add a slide to a story.

Adding a snapshot to a slide

You can take a snapshot of an object and add it to a slide.

Add a snapshot to a generic object.

Reordering slides

You can reorder the slides in a story.

Invert the order of the slides in a story.

Removing a story or a slide

You can remove a slide from a story or you can remove a complete story. The slides inside a story are removed at the same time as the story is removed.

Remove a slide.

Remove a story.

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