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UI icons and symbols

A symbol can be used in more than one context. Here is a list of the icons and symbols used throughout the Qlik Management Console (QMC) user interface.

UI icons
Icon Meaning
Create new Create new
Apps Apps
Content libraries Content libraries
Script Data connections
Script Analytic connections
App objects App objects
Stream Streams
Tasks Tasks
User Users
Cloud App distribution status/Cloud distribution
Security Audit
Rules Security rules
Security Custom properties
License License management
Extension Extensions
Tags Tags
Navigation On-demand apps service
User directory connectors User directory connectors
Stream Monitoring apps
Server Service cluster
Server Nodes
Engine Engines
File Printing
Proxy Proxies
Proxy Virtual proxies
Schedule Schedulers
Database Repositories
Log in Distribution policies
Dimension - cyclic

Load balancing rules

Key Certificates
Linked object Task chain
Task chains Task chain
More Task status: Never started, Skipped, Reset
Dimension - cyclic Task status: Triggered, Started, Abort initiated, Aborting, Retrying
Waiting Task status: Queued
Abort Task status: Aborted
Tick Task status: Success
Close Task status: Failed, Error
View Read access (by security rule)
Edit Update and/or Write and/or Edit access (by security rule)
Cancel Delete access (by security rule), Logout, Cancel, Close, Exit
Other Other access (by security rule), for example Create, ChangeOwner and/or Export
Filter container Filter
Help Help
Info Information
Warning Information
Locked Locked
Unlocked Unlocked
Search Search
Undo Undo
Settings Settings
Arrow up Arrow up
Arrow down Arrow down
Arrow left Arrow left
Arrow right Arrow right
Bookmark Custom filters

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