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Configuring a proxy for Qlik ADS and HDS communication with Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS

You can handle the communication between Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows and Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS with a proxy.

In a Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows multi-node deployment, the services App Distribution Service (ADS) and Hybrid Deployment Service (HDS) for distributing apps from Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows to Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS are installed on every node. You can manage the status of these services by starting and stopping the Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher, listed in the list of services running in the Windows machine.

With Qlik Sense May 2021 or later, you can configure the communication between Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows and Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS to be handled by a proxy.

In Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, configuration of a proxy for the ADS and HDS is done using command line parameters. Only HTTP schema is supported.

Do the following:

  1. Stop the Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher, which handles the execution of the ADS and HDS.

  2. Navigate to the appsettings.json files, which by default are located in:

  3. %Program Files%\Qlik\Sense\AppDistributionService\appsettings.json

    %Program Files%\Qlik\Sense\HybridDeploymentService\appsettings.json

  4. Locate the following sections:

    For ADS: QRS, Elastic, Engine, TempContent, HDS

    For HDS: QRS, TokenRequest, Elastic

  5. Add or edit as needed to have the following code:

    "Proxy": {
          "Server": " ",
          "Port": 8888,
          "UserId": "",
          "EncryptedPassword": ""
  6. Where is the address of your company's proxy, and 8888 is the port used by the proxy.

    Information noteYou can specify an IP address rather than a domain name as the proxy URI, for example,
    • An admin is required to enter "EncryptedPassword" by encrypting the password string using C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Licenses\Encrypt-Password.ps1 on the machine where Qlik Sense is installed.

    • If an admin wants to enter a plain text password, they must change the key from "EncryptedPassword" to "Password".

  7. Save and close the appsettings.json file.

  8. Restart the Qlik Sense Service Dispatcher.

  9. If you have a multi-node installation, repeat these steps for all the nodes in your installation.

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