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Silent patching

When a software patch is available for your Qlik Sense installation, you can use the command line tool to silently install the updates. Patches include software updates and fixes that are applied to the existing Qlik Sense version.


Use the following commands to silently run patch updates.

List of commands
Command Description
install Runs a command line-driven install without a user interface. For feedback, see the log files, and the return values.
uninstall Runs a command line-driven uninstall without a user interface. For feedback, see the log files, and the return values.

Used with [install], or [uninstall], this command determines whether the services should be started automatically or not.

log=[path to logfile] Specifies the location for the patch to writes log files.
unpack=[path] Unpacks the patch contents without installing.
help (or -h, /h, -?, /?) Opens the help dialog.

To troubleshoot silent patching, start by examining the installation log files. The default location of the log files is: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Temp.

Recreating root certificates

If applicable, after the patching has completed, recreate the Qlik Sense root certificate according to this Support article:

Applicable for the following and later Qlik Sense patches:

  • February 2019 Patch 8
  • April 2019 Patch 8
  • June 2019 Patch 11
  • September 2019 Patch 7
  • November 2019 Patch 6


The following command is an example of the syntax you can use for running a patch update file:

Qlik_Sense_update.exe install startservices

This command installs the update, and restores the services to the same state they were in before the update.

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