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Google Cloud Platform deployment example

Google Cloud Platform provides a cloud infrastructure with all the services and computing power you need to provide a reliable, cloud deployment platform for Qlik Sense that can perform regardless of unexpected changes in demand and concurrency.

Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows single-node deployment on Google Cloud Platform

Components in a typical Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows deployment on Google Cloud Platform:

  • VPC - Virtual Private Cloud

    A logically isolated virtual network that shares a common security configuration that you define.

  • Subnet

    You need at least one subnet within the VPC. This could be a public, or private subnet.

  • Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

    You can use the PostgreSQL option of the Cloud SQL database service to provide high availability as an alternative to the PostgreSQL repository database embedded in Qlik Sense. PostgreSQL version 11.5 is required.

  • Persistent Disk

    Block storage that may be attached to instances of Google Compute Engine. Use this to store apps, log files and other common content.

  • Compute Engine (GCE)

    You deploy a GCE inside the default subnet to host your Qlik Sense installation.

  • Cloud VPN

    You can make your on-premise Active Directory available in the VPC through an IPsec VPN tunnel to an external IdP.

  • Google BigQuery

    You can access data sources using the BigQuery data warehouse.

  • Qlik Sense Server node

    A single Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows node deployed on Windows Server in the Compute Engine. This includes the Engine, Proxy, Repository and Scheduler services.

  • TCP Load Balancer

    You can put your resources behind a single anycast IP and scale your resources with intelligent autoscaling if you have deployed several nodes running the proxy service.

Deployment options:

  • Qlik Sense node in a public subnet with direct Internet access.
  • Qlik Sense node in a private subnet without Internet access.

The decision whether to choose a public or private subnet in your deployment depends on your overall solution requirements.

The following example shows a complete Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows single node deployment on Google Cloud.

An example of a complete Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows single node deployment on Google Cloud. Users at an HTML5 console interface with the Google Cloud Console and the internet. An internet gateway leads to the Google Cloud VPC, which contains the Google Compute Engine. The GCE contains a proxy service, scheduler service, cloud VPN, engine service, repository service, Google BigQuery, repository database, and file storage on a persistent disk. The cloud VPN conects to an identity provider outside the cloud, which connects to an active directory. Google BigQuery connects to databases outside the cloud.

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