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Close connection


Qlik Sense performs the following procedure:

  • Close the socket to the Qlik Sense Engine Service (QES). This happens every time a user closes an app (for example, by closing a tab in a browser).


In case of success, log entries are written in the following files throughout the procedure:

  • <MachineName>_AuditActivity_Proxy.txt


Web socket connection could not be opened

Web socket connection could not be opened error
Description Command=Open connection;Result=400;ResultText=Error: Web socket connection could not be opened
Message Connection '<ID of connection>' has been transferred to a streaming state to send a single error message

Proceed as follows:

  1. Check if the QES is up and running. If not, start the QES.
  2. Check that it is possible to connect to the QES.

Command=Open connection;Result=<different from zero>

Command=Open connection; Result=<different from zero>
Description Command=Open connection;Result=<different from zero>;ResultText=Error: <error message>

Search for any log message related to Close connection.

If you find a log entry similar to the one described above, evaluate the information in the Message field.


Proceed as follows:

  1. Analyze the memory consumption and run netstat (TCP sockets in illegal state). If you encounter any issues, restart the QPS as connections (that is, web sockets to the QES) are disposed by the Qlik Sense Proxy Service (QPS).
  2. If the problem persists, check that the QES is up and running.
  3. Contact Qlik support.

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