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Log Monitor

The Log Monitor loads and visualizes almost all available Qlik Sense log data. This gives you the possibility to discover trends and analyze and troubleshoot issues in your Qlik Sense environment. Compared to the Operations Monitor, the Log Monitor loads more log files, but for a shorter period of history (default seven days).

Information noteFor a more detailed description of the sheets and visualizations, visit the story About the Log Monitor that is available from the app overview page, under Stories.

For the location and naming convention of the log files, see Logging.

Importing the Log Monitor app to the Monitoring apps in the QMC

The Log Monitor is not available by default from the QMC. To make it available, you need to import the app.

Follow the instructions in the section Importing new Monitoring apps

Log Monitor sheets

The Log Monitor sheets display Qlik Sense performance on the current node, and, when properly configured for multi-node (as described in Configuring multi-node environments), the app includes information across all nodes.

Log Monitor sheets

Summarizes the activities during the last couple of hours and days and enables you to quickly identify irregularities.

Timeline The Activity Timeline bar chart gives an overview of the logging activities during the last week. Use the alternative dimensions to see how the measures vary over time and find diverging values that may require investigation.
Trends Shows a collection of timelines displaying performance (CPU and RAM), usage (apps and users), as well as errors and reload status.
Errors & Warnings Shows a timeline together with a summary and a detailed view of errors and warnings.
Filters Contains filter panes with a large number of key fields from the logs. Make selections to make discoveries in your data.
Log Details Shows errors, warnings, and information log entries for the servers in the deployment.
Information noteData in the Log Monitor is updated when the app is reloaded. Data is not live.

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