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Troubleshooting - Starting the QMC

This section describes problems that can occur when starting the QMC.

I cannot access the QMC the first time I try to browse to it

When you try to access the QMC for the very first time, you may experience one of the following problems.

Certificate error

Possible cause  

The browser has too high security settings, and therefore the Qlik Sense certificate is not trusted. (This certificate is added during installation).

Proposed action  

Choose to continue to the website, despite the warning that it is not recommended. However, make sure that the URL is correct.

If you use a third-party certificate, the error will no longer be displayed.

Changing to a signed server proxy certificate

The page is blank, and the address bar displays a warning

Possible cause  

A third-party certificate is needed.

Proposed action  

Access the QMC from the server and add a new third-party certificate.

Changing to a signed server proxy certificate

Error message displayed and 401 warning seen in network traffic

Possible cause  

Qlik Sense site is not listed as a trusted site.

Proposed action  

Add the fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) of the host to the trusted sites.

  1. In the Control Panel, select Internet options.
  2. Select the Security tab.
  3. Select Trusted sites.
  4. Click Sites.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Enter the FQDN of the host in the text field and click Add.
  7. Click Close
  8. Click OK.

I cannot access the QMC from the host machine

I am trying to access the QMC from the same machine that hosts the Qlik Sense site, but I receive a 401.1 Access Denied error from the browser.

Possible cause  

Loopback security settings in Windows Server may prevent access using a fully qualified domain name (FQDN), from the same machine that hosts the Qlik Sense site.

Proposed action  

Access the QMC using a localhost address: https://localhost/qmc.

It is also possible to disable loop checking. For more infomation about this, refer to Microsoft support knowledge base article.

Unable to get the custom properties definitions is displayed when I start the QMC

Possible cause  

Failed to retrieve the custom property data from the repository.

Proposed action  

Refresh the QMC.

The page is blank when I open the QMC

Possible cause  

There have been multiple DNS entries for your computer (you have been logged on to more than one network), so that your host.config file may be pointing to the wrong host name.

Proposed action  

  1. Stop all running services.
  2. Delete all certificates related to your installation of Qlik Sense.
  3. Open the folder %ProgramData%\Qlik\Sense\.
  4. Delete the host.config file.
  5. Do a repair. See: Repairing an installation.

The host.config file is recreated with default settings.

I cannot open the QMC

The page is blank when I open the QMC, or a warning shows that the certificates are used by another program. Messages may also report an SSL protocol error or that a connection was refused.

Possible cause  

The required port is not available, because the port is being used by another program, such as, VMware, Skype, or IIS.

Proposed action  

  1. Check the proxy system log file in this location: %ProgramData%\Qlik\Sense\Log\Proxy.
  2. Verify that the proxy is running and that it is able to listen to the required port. By default the proxy runs on port 443 and this port needs to be available.
  3. Fully shut down any other programs using port 443 and restart the proxy service. Also, change the port settings in these programs.

"Page cannot be displayed" is shown when I try to open the QMC

Possible cause  

There are too many trusted root certificates on the server that runs the Qlik Sense services.

Proposed action  

Check the logs for the Qlik Sense Repository Service (QRS) and remove any unnecessary certificates.

Warning noteDo not remove any certificates without checking with your system administrator and IT security team first.

Do the following:

  1. Check if the QRS security log file (available at %ProgramData%\Qlik\Sense\Log\Repository\Trace\<MachineName>_Security_Repository.txt) contains the following messages:
    • "Trusted root certificates on this node is uncomfortably high: <number of certificates>"
    • "This might impede SSL communication, since Windows truncates too large (300+) lists of Trusted root certificates that are sent to client during SSL handshake"
    • "Please consider removing too old or otherwise invalid trusted root certificates (under <location>)"
  2. Open the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and remove as many unneeded certificates as possible.
  3. The QRS security log contains information on where to find the certificates (see <location> in the log message in step 1).

  4. Restart the Qlik Sense services.

Certificate handling: Maximum number of trusted root certificates

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