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Available resource filters

The following tables list the resource objects and the resource filters that can be used to target them.

Information note The lists are not complete, they only display the most common examples of resource filters. For a source of all available repository service resources, see Open API specification for Repository Main API. Also note that not all of the parameters on certain entities are security accessible, that is, rule evaluation will not take them into account.

App related resources

App filters
Resource filter Filter will target
App The application
App.Content The content stored in the app-specific content library
App.DataSegment A representation of the data which will be loaded and used by the application
App.Internal Parameters internal to and required by the application
App.Object All App.Object resources, such as sheets, stories, script, dimensions, measures, master objects, snapshots, and bookmarks
appprops Visual styling for the theme and sheet title.
ColorMap Mapping between dimension value and color.
Extension The extensions installed in Qlik Sense
IAChat The Insight Advisor Chat
WebExtensionLibrary The library of web extensions
Widgets The widgets installed in Qlik Sense

Task resources

Task filters
Resource filter Filter will target
CompositeEvent Task triggers in the scheduler
ExecutionResult Details of executions of tasks
ExecutionSession Details of active sessions for tasks
ExternalProgramTask Tasks that trigger a third-party program
ReloadTask Tasks that perform a reload on apps. This also applies to distribution tasks.
SchemaEvent Details for when a scheduled task will run
UserSyncTask Tasks that sync users from an external user directory

ContentLibrary related resources

ContentLibrary filters
Resource filter Filter will target
ContentLibrary Content libraries
FileReference Representation of files stored on disk used by the binary sync to sync files between nodes
SharedContent Links to QlikView documents, Qlik NPrinting generated reports
StaticContentReference Links to files in a content library
TempContent Content library for temporary content, such as files from exports

Hub section resources

The following filter can be used to disable user access to the hub.

Hub section filters
Resource filter Filter will target

Grants access to open the hub and view the resources you have access to. By default, on.

Information noteDisabling user access to the hub only removes the Open hub from the Navigation menu. It is still possible to access the hub by editing the URL.
HubSection_Task Grants access to the task hub section. By default, on.

QMC section resources

The following filters are used to grant access to the different QMC sections. A user with access to a QMC section can open that section, but will only see objects according to the user's access rights.

Tip noteTo get an overview of the available resources, you can log in to the QMC as RootAdmin and check the network traffic.
QMC section filters
Resource filter Filter will target
QmcSection_AnalyticConnection The QmcSection_AnalyticConnection resource
QmcSection_App The QmcSection_App resource
QmcSection_App.Object The QmcSection_App.Object resource
QmcSection_Audit The QmcSection_Audit resource
QmcSection_Certificates The QmcSection_Certificate resource
QmcSection_Certificates.Export The QmcSection_Certificates.Export resource
QmcSection_CompositeEvent The QmcSection_CompositeEvent resource
QmcSection_ContentLibrary The QmcSection_ContentLibrary resource
QmcSection_CustomPropertyDefinition The QmcSection_CustomPropertyDefinition resource
QmcSection_DataConnection The QmcSection_DataConnection resource
QmcSection_DistributionPolicy The QmcSection_DistributionPolicy resource
QmcSection_EngineService The QmcSection_EngineService resource
QmcSection_Event The QmcSection_Event resource


The QmcSection_Extension resource
QmcSection_License The QmcSection_License resource
QmcSection_Licenses The QmcSection_Licenses resource
QmcSection_License.AnalyzerAccessRule The QmcSection_License.AnalyzerAccessRule resource
QmcSection_License.AnalyzerAccessType The QmcSection_License.AnalyzerAccessType resource
QmcSection_License.ApplicationAccessType The QmcSection_License.ApplicationAccessType resource
QmcSection_License.LoginAccessType The QmcSection_License.LoginAccessType resource
QmcSection_License.ProfessionalAccessRule The QmcSection_License.ProfessionalAccessRule resource
QmcSection_License.ProfessionalAccessType The QmcSection_License.ProfessionalAccessType resource
QmcSection_License.UserAccessRule The QmcSection_License.UserAccessRule resource
QmcSection_License.UserAccessType The QmcSection_License.UserAccessType resource
QmcSection_LoadBalancingRule The QmcSection_LoadBalancingRule resource
QmcSection_OdagService The QmcSection_OdagService resource
QmcSection_PrintingService The QmcSection_PrintingService resource
QmcSection_ProxyService The QmcSection_ProxyService resource
QmcSection_ReloadTask The QmcSection_ReloadTask resource

The QmcSection_RepositoryService resource

QmcSection_SchedulerService The QmcSection_SchedulerService resource
QmcSection_SchemaEvent The QmcSection_SchemaEvent resource
QmcSection_ServerNodeConfiguration The QmcSection_ServerNodeConfiguration resource
QmcSection_ServiceCluster The QmcSection_ServiceCluster resource
QmcSection_Stream The QmcSection_Stream resource
QmcSection_SyncRule The QmcSection_SyncRule resource


The QmcSection_SystemRule resource
QmcSection_Tag The QmcSection_Tag resource
QmcSection_Task The QmcSection_Task resource
QmcSection_Token The QmcSection_Token resource
QmcSection_User The QmcSection_User resource
QmcSection_UserDirectory The QmcSection_UserDirectory resource
QmcSection_UserSyncTask The QmcSection_UserSyncTask resource
QmcSection_VirtualProxyConfig The QmcSection_VirtualProxyConfig resource

License related resources

License filters
Resource filter Filter will target
License The actual license entity Qlik Sense .
License.AnalyzerAccessGroup Resource for rules used for automatically assigning analyzer access types.
License.AnalyzerAccessType Analyzer access type. CRUD for manually allocating access for a named user.
License.AnalyzerAccessUsage Type to keep track of analyzer access type usage. Should not be used in resource filters.
License.LoginAccessType Login access type. CRUD for allocating tokens for login (time restricted) access and setting up the associated rule.
License.LoginAccessUsage Type to keep track of login access type usage. Should not be used in resource filters.
License.ProfessionalAccessGroup Resource for rules used for automatically assigning professional access types.
License.ProfessionalAccessType Professional access type. CRUD for manually allocating access for a named user.
License.ProfessionalAccessUsage Type to keep track of professional access type usage. Should not be used in resource filters.
License.UserAccessGroup Resource for rules used for automatically assigning user access types.
License.UserAccessType User access type. CRUD for manually allocating tokens for user (named) access.
License.UserAccessUsage Type to keep track of user access type usage. Should not be used in resource filters.
TermsAcceptance Resource for accessing the terms and conditions page in the QMC.

Node or service related resources

These filters refer to individual entries in the associated sections of the QMC.

Node/service filters
Resource filter Filter will target
Certificates The Certificates resource
Deployment The Deployment resource
EngineService The EngineService resource
IdentityProviderSettings The IdentityProviderSettings resource
LoadbalancingSelectList The LoadbalancingSelectList resource
OdagService The OdagService resource
PrintingService The PrintingService resource
ProxyService The ProxyService resource
RepositoryService The RepositoryService resource
SchedulerService The SchedulerService resource
ServerNodeConfiguration The ServerNodeConfiguration resource
ServiceCluster The ServiceCluster resource
ServiceStatus The ServiceStatus resource
VirtualProxyConfig The VirtualProxyConfig resource

Other resources

These filters refer to individual entries in the associated sections of the QMC.

Other filters
Resource filter Filter will target

The AnalyticConnection resource

CustomPropertyDefinition The CustomPropertyDefinition resource

The DataConnection resource

FileExtension The FileExtension resource
FileExtensionWhiteList The FileExtensionWhiteList resource
OdagLink The OdagLink resource
OdagLinkUsage The OdagLinkUsage resource
OdagRequest The OdagRequest resource
Stream The Stream resource
SystemRule The SystemRule resource
Tag The Tag resource
User The User resource
UserDirectory The UserDirectory resource

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