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Using Salesforce (Incremental Load) as a source

This section describes how to set up and use the Salesforce source endpoint in a replication task. The Salesforce (Incremental Load) source endpoint is similar to the Salesforce (Streaming CDC) source endpoint, although the method each uses to capture changes is different.

Salesforce (Streaming CDC) uses the Salesforce Streaming API which is subject to several limitations, although it does provide better performance. Salesforce (Incremental Load), however, is based on change polling which, although slower than Salesforce (Streaming CDC), has the advantage of supporting almost all tables.

Basically, if you need to capture changes from tables that are not supported with Salesforce (Streaming CDC) then choose Salesforce (Incremental Load). Otherwise, choose Salesforce (Streaming CDC) for its better performance during change capture.

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