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Task setting limitations

When defining your task settings, the following limitations apply:

  • Metadata:

    • Target Metadata: As HP NonStop SQL/MP does not support LOB data types, the setting in this tab are not relevant.
    • Control Tables: None of the optional tables are supported. The Apply Exceptions table, which is required, should be configured as described in Prerequisites above.
  • Full Load:

    • Full Load Settings: As the source tables need to be created manually on the target, the DROP and CREATE table option is not supported.

    • Full Load Tuning: No limitations.
  • Change Processing:

    • Apply Changes Settings: No limitations
    • Store Changes Settings: Change tables are not supported. If you want Replicate to store captured changes on HP NonStop SQL/MP, choose Audit table from the Store changes in drop-down list. This also requires you to manually create the Audit Table on HP NonStop SQL/MP before starting the task, as described in Prerequisites above.

      After creating the Audit table, specify its name in the Audit table name field (instead of the default name).

      Audit table creation options:

      As the Audit Table is created manually, the DROP and CREATE audit table option is not supported.

    • Change Processing Tuning: Only "Transactional apply" Change processing mode is supported.
  • Error Handling: No limitations.
  • Logging: No limitations.

For a detailed description of Task Settings, see Task Settings.

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