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Table settings

When the source database in a Replicate task is not HP NonStop SQL/MP, you must make sure that the selected source tables comply with HP NonStop SQL/MP conventions and limitations. This section describes how to apply transformations to source tables that are not HP NonStop SQL/MP-compliant.

  • The maximum size of a Unique Index in HP NonStop SQL/MP cannot exceed 240 bytes. In the Transform tab of the <Table_Name> Table Settings dialog box, you can check which columns comprise the Unique Index and change them if necessary (i.e. if their combined Type value exceeds 240 bytes). For an explanation of how to do this, see Using the Transform tab.
  • HP NonStop SQL/MP does not support UPDATE operations on Primary Key columns. Therefore, if your application updates source tables columns that are part of a Primary Key, you will need to create the target table with a Unique Index on those columns instead of a Primary Key. For an explanation of how to do this, see Using the Transform tab.
  • Valid HP NonStop SQL/MP table names cannot exceed 8 characters or contain non-alphanumeric characters. If any of the source table names are not HP NonStop SQL/MP-compliant, you will need to map them to a valid name.

    To do this:

    1. Open the <Table_Name> Table Settings dialog box as described in Table Settings.

    2. In the General tab’s Table Name field, enter the new table name.

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