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Test an expression

You can use the Qlik Replicate Test procedure to display the results of a test expression. The following figure is an example of a built expression that is evaluated and contains a test result.

Expression Builder dialog with an example in the Test Expression pane

Test Expression dialog

  1. From the Expression Builder window, Build an expression.
  2. Click Evaluate. See Parse an expression for more information.
  3. View the parameters that are displayed. If your expression is not valid, an error message is displayed. See Parse an expression.
  4. Type values for each parameter then click Test to see the calculated expression.

    For example, type John for FIRST_NAME and Smith for LAST_NAME. The result displayed is JohnSmith. If you want a space between the words add it to the end of the FIRST_NAME value or the beginning of the LAST_NAME value.

    Note: Testing calls to the source_lookup and target_lookup functions is not supported.

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