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Build an expression

The first step in using the expression builder is to build an expression. The expression that you build is displayed in the top section of the right pane. You can open the Expression when:

Note: To add operators to your expression, you can use the Operator tab in the Element pane or the Operator buttons at the top of the Build Expression panel or any combination of these. See Operators and Operator toolbar.

For example, to create an expression that will combine the first name and last name, do the following:

  1. In the Input Columns tab add the FIRST_NAME column to the Build Expression box.
  2. Click the concatenate (||) operator from the Operator bar at the top of the Build Expression box.
  3. In the Input Columns tab add the LAST_NAME column into the Build Expression box.
  1. In the Elements Pane, select any element you want to include in your expression. For information on the elements you can use in an expression, see Functions.
  2. Add an element to the Build Expression panel by selecting it and then clicking the arrow to the right of the element.
  3. Continue to add elements as needed.

Operator toolbar

The Operator toolbar is above the Build Expression box. It contains the most common operators so you can easily add them to an expression.

The following operators are available in the Operator toolbar: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage, not equal, equal, concatenate, AND, OR.

Operator toolbar

For information on these operators, see Operators.

  1. Click the place in the Build Expression box where you want to add the operator.
  2. Click the operator you want to add. It is added to the expression.

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