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Add Bookmark dialog

The current state of selections can be saved as a bookmark by choosing Add Bookmark from the Bookmarks menu or by pressing Ctrl+B. Bookmarks can also be created via bookmark objects in the QlikView layout. Doing this will cause the Add Bookmarks dialog to appear.

The dialog looks slightly different depending on whether it is a local document or a document on QlikView Server that the user is working with . We start by describing the dialog for local documents, and then describe the differences for server documents.

Bookmark fields
Field Details
Bookmark Name The default name for the created bookmark is that of the current date. In addition, the first bookmark created on a specific day gets number 1, the second number 2, etc. However, it is possible to change the default name to a more explanatory text by entering an optional name.
Make this bookmark a document bookmark By marking the check box, the bookmark will be saved with the document. This option is available for local documents only. If the check box is not marked, the bookmark will be created as a user bookmark, stored locally on the computer.
Include Selections in Bookmark By marking the check box the bookmark will include the selections made in the application.
Make bookmark apply on top of current selection By marking the check box, the bookmark will be applied without first clearing existing selections in the document.
Include Layout State By marking the check box, the bookmark will store the layout state of all sheet objects on the active sheet at the time of the bookmark’s creation. This includes, for example, the cycling position of a chart. When recalling a bookmark with layout information, QlikView will attempt to activate the sheet and restore sheet objects to that state.
The layout state in bookmarks includes only show state (minimized/maximized) and expansion state, not the entire property of the object.
Layout of all straight tables and pivot tables on the active sheet will be preserved, unless they are located inside container objects. However, straight tables and pivot table column positions will not be preserved.
There is no reset option for straight tables and pivot table layout. A workaround would be to create a document bookmark in the document clear state with the original layout of the pivot table.
Include Scroll Positions Marking this check box will include the current vertical scroll position in table objects in the bookmark.
Include Input Field Values By marking this check box, the values in input fields will be stored in the bookmark.
Info Text In the edit box it is possible to enter a text describing the bookmark or a message to be shown when recalling the bookmark.
Popup Message If the check box is marked, the bookmark info text (if it exists) will be displayed in a pop-up window each time the bookmark is recalled.
Differences for server documents
Field Details
Create as a server bookmark When this check box is marked, the bookmark will be created as a personal server bookmark, stored in a repository on the server. This option is available only if the user is an authenticated user and provided that the QlikView Server and the document owner allows the creation of server bookmarks.
If the check box is not marked, the bookmark will be created as a user bookmark, stored locally on the computer.
Share Bookmark with Others Provided that a personal server bookmark is created, marking this check box will immediately share the bookmark for use by other authenticated users of the same server document. It is possible at any time revoke the sharing by deselecting the Share check box in the My Server Bookmarks page of the Bookmarks dialog.
Information noteSort order is not saved in the bookmark. It will be replaced by the sort order defined in Properties when you select a bookmark.

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