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Qlik GeoCoding

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS Government noteQlik Sense Enterprise SaaS - Government (US) does not support Qlik GeoCoding.

Qlik GeoCoding is a subscription service that adds address data lookup functionality to QlikGeoAnalytics Base, QlikGeoAnalytics Enterprise Server, or Qlik GeoOperations. The service is remotely hosted by Qlik, and a subscription has a limited amount of lookup requests and is valid for one year. The service is provided through Qlik GeoAnalytics Connector or Qlik GeoOperations using the operations “AddressPointLookup” and “PointToAddressLookup”. The service features both Forward Geocoding (address to point conversion) with the result including information about match level and location structure, and Reverse Geocoding (point to address conversion) which can be used for converting GPS coordinates to a location.

To get started,

  1. Please contact your Qlik sales rep for pricing and license information
  2. Follow the Configuring Qlik GeoCoding setup instructions.
  3. Start converting and implementing addresses and lookup into your app workflow.

Please visit the Qlik Community for more information, tutorials and support for Qlik GeoAnalytics.