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Mail server settings

The mail parameters define the mail server used to send notifications.

  1. From the Management menu, select Mail Server Settings. The Mail Settings window opens.

  2. Configure the settings as follows:

    • Mail server: Specify the outgoing mail server that will be used to send Qlik Compose notifications, for example,
    • Port: Enter the mail server port number. The default value is 25.
    • Use secure email (SMTPS): Select this to connect to the mail server using TLS.
    • Anonymous login: Enable this to allow Qlik Compose to access the mail server without having to provide any user credentials.
    • User name: Specify the user name for the account that will be used to send notifications.
    • Password: Specify the password for the account that will be used to send notifications.
    • Sender email address: Enter the email address that sends the email notifications. This is the address that appears in the From field of the email notification.
    • Send Test Mail: You this option to validate your mail server settings. Click Send Test Mail to open the Send Test Email window. In the Email address for test email, enter the email address to which you want the test email to be sent and then click Send.

  3. Click OK to save your settings and close the Mail Settings window.

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