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Publish workflow

The setup of a publish job requires two principal user actions: Publish job definition and Publish: add target

Publish enables one-time or recurring export of datasets.

Publish jobs can be initiated in discover through creation and selection of datasets or selection of multiple entities or sources. Alternately, entities can be selected for inclusion into My Cart in discover or catalog modules and staged to publish and facilitated by creation of a dataset

Administrators can create new publish targets, schedule, define, and execute publish jobs in the publish module.

Datasets can be published to various destination types including:

  • Amazon – S3 and Redshift
  • File on ADLS Server
  • File on FTP Server
  • File on Qlik Catalog Server (formerly LOCALFILE)
  • File on S3 Server
  • File on SFTP Server
  • File on WASB Storage
  • File on WASBS Storage
  • Hadoop – HDFS and Hive
  • HDFS
  • Open Connector/RDBMS (any RDBMS target type through an Open Connector script), and Qlik Cloud Services – S3

To initiate a publish job, add selected entities, sources, datasets to My Cart (through Add To Cart) in the discover module.

Note that one or more internal entity or source objects must be grouped and saved into My Cart from discover or catalog or added into a dataset to initiate a publish job from outside of publish. (A dataset can also be created and named in step 1 of the data publish wizard.)

To publish one or more objects—objects must be contained within a dataset regardless of whether the dataset is first created by selecting objects in discover (and staged to publish where the dataset is named in a publish job) or explicitly created as a dataset first.

Adding entities to cart (from discovermodule)

Select objects to be published and select Add To Cart

Once the objects are in My Cart, Select Publish from the dropdown. This action transits the workflow to Publish module, opening the data publish wizard. To delete objects from the cart select icon delete entities from my cart (delete) at far right of object row.

Transition entities from My Cart to publish

A different way to initiate a publish job from within the publish module is to select the dataset(s) and select publish action from the bottom of the same datasets pane.

  1. Select Datasets for Publish
  2. Select Publish Dataset

Initite publish job from datasets pane in publish module

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