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Apply Changes Settings

Click the Apply Changes Settings sub-tab to configure the following:

Apply Changes is ON/OFF:

Click this button to toggle Apply Changes (Change Processing) on or off. The initial setting is determined when Adding tasks.

When Apply Changes is ON, Qlik Replicate processes the changes. You can view the change processing in the Monitor. For more information, see Monitoring change processing operations.

Information note

When you turn on apply changes you must reload the task or position back to the point of the previous reload.

DDL handling policy: Determine how to handle the target table for the change capture:

Information note
  • Executing a DDL on a source table during the Full Load process in a Full Load and Apply Changes task will cause Replicate to reload the table.

  • The option to drop or truncate the target tables is relevant only if such operations are supported by the source endpoint.

  • Executing the Rename Table DDL with "Ignore ALTER" selected will cause events to continue being delivered until you stop and then resume the task.

  • When source table is dropped, select one of the following:

    • DROP target table
    • Ignore DROP
  • When source table is truncated, select one of the following:

    • TRUNCATE target table
    • Ignore TRUNCATE
  • When source table is altered, select one of the following:

    • ALTER target table
    • Ignore ALTER

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