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Viewing the task status

In the Tasks View, you can see the task status by viewing the icon for the task. After a task is run, the task icons in the Task view display the current status of the task. For additional information on the possible statuses, see Tasks view.

The following icon represents a task that is in an error status.

There are two types of errors:

Error icon descriptions
Error icon Description

Recoverable error: A recoverable error indicates that there is a temporary problem, such as an inability to connect to one of the endpoints. The task icon is blue indicating that the task is still active. In this case, Qlik Replicate attempts to restart the task according to the Error handlingsettings.

The task remains active but paused throughout the error state. You can stop the task at any time and resolve the error manually, if necessary.

See also Error handling.

Fatal Error: When a fatal error occurs, the task stops and you must resolve the error manually. You cannot start the task again until the error is resolved. Use the logs or the messages in the Alerts pane to see the error type.

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