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Defining notifications

To configure and create notifications, click the Notifications sub-tab.

You use notifications to send messages about events that occur when running tasks in Qlik Replicate. Notifications are sent to inform users of any change in the system state, including:

  • A task is started or stopped
  • Latency is too high
  • Memory utilization is too high
  • Disk utilization is too high
  • An error or a specific type of error occurred

You can manage notifications that you create from the Notifications list. This list provides you with information about each notification defined and lets you activate/deactivate a notification. In addition, you can make changes to the definitions of existing notifications or delete them.

The following topics describe how to define notifications in Qlik Replicate:

From the Server view, click Notifications from the menu list at the left. The Notifications sub-tab is displayed.

Notifications are sent by:

  • An email message to the default list of users and/or to a custom list of users.
  • Writing an entry in the Windows Event Log.
  • Displaying a message in the Qlik Replicate Console.

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