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Supported Platforms and Endpoints

In addition to providing a complete list of the source and target endpoints supported by Qlik Replicate, the Support Matrix also provides information about which platforms (Windows/Linux) are supported by Qlik Replicate.

Note that depending on your license, some of the listed endpoints may not be available in your version of Qlik Replicate.

Information noteSome of the endpoints are FIPS compliant. For a list of FIPS compliant endpoints, see FIPS compliance.
Information note

 For each certified major version of a supported endpoint, Qlik performs a complete set of compatibility tests on one minor version in the same release family. Once certified, any minor versions in that family will also be supported, providing backward compatibility with the major version is preserved. For example, Oracle 19.x means that Oracle 19.0, 19.3 and 19.5 are supported as well.

If an incompatibility is discovered in a minor version, a note to this effect will be added to the Support Matrix until such time the issue is resolved.

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