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Deleting old partitions manually

Over time, Change Data Partitioning can result in a large number of files and partitions accumulating on the target system, which may significantly impact performance. Therefore, to ensure optimal performance, best practice is to delete old partitions from time to time.

Partitions can be deleted manually (as described below) or automatically as described in Deleting old partitions periodically.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Delete Processed Changed Data Partitions.

    The Delete Processed Changed Data Partitions window opens.

  2. From the Delete partitions older than drop-down lists, select a time period.
  3. Click Delete Partitions.
  4. If the task is running, the partitions will be deleted. Otherwise, a message will be shown, informing you that the partitions will only be deleted when the task starts running.
Information note

The minimum age of partitions that can be deleted may be preset by a consuming application. This is usually only happens when some partitions have not yet been processed. In this case, a note to this effect will be shown in the UI and you will not be able to change the minimum age.

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