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QvxServer Class
The QvxServer is the core of the QVX SDK. All communication with QlikView as well as all communication with the custom data source is handled by an instance of the QvxServer. Each custom connector must have a class extending the QvxServer class. The QvxServer class in its turn implements the IQvxServer interface.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: QlikView.Qvx.QvxLibrary
Assembly: QvxLibrary (in QvxLibrary.dll) Version: (2.1.4)
public abstract class QvxServer : IQvxServer

The QvxServer type exposes the following members.

Public methodCreateConnection
This method should be overridden by a custom connector and return a new instance of a class implementing QvxConnection. The class implementing QvxConnection is typically created by a developer as part of a connector.
Public methodCreateConnectionString
This method is called when QlikView sends a QVX_EDIT_CONNECT command. The method must be implemented by the user and may return connect string parameters.
Public methodCreateSelectStatement
This method should be overridden by a custom connector which has a custom select dialog and thereby supports QVX_EDIT_SELECT. It should return a select statement.
Public methodHandleJsonRequest
[QlikView 12 ONLY!] This method should be overridden by a custom connector. It should return a QvxReply.
Public methodStatic memberParseJsonT
Deserialize JSON string to object. Requires DataContract for the class being parsed.
Public methodRun
Run QvxServer from within QlikView. It utilizes a command pipe to communicate with QlikView and a data pipe to send information to it.
Public methodRunStandalone
Run QvxServer as a standalone application. With a standalone connector you create a .QVX file which can be read by QlikView. A standalone connector utilizes functionality similar to a command pipe to get the information it needs to create the .QVX file.
Public methodStatic memberToJson
Serialize object into JSON string. Requires DataContract for the class being parsed.
Public fieldMParentWindow
Handle to a connector's parent window (QlikView's Edit Script dialog).
Public propertyCustomCaption
Ask the QvxServer for the current caption
Public propertyWildcardSelectionAllowed
Ask the QvxServer if it allows wildcard selection of fields.
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