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QvxConnection Class
Class keeping track of command pipe and data pipe connections. This class is also responsible for holding all QvxTable definitions.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: QlikView.Qvx.QvxLibrary
Assembly: QvxLibrary (in QvxLibrary.dll) Version: (2.1.4)
public abstract class QvxConnection : IDisposable

The QvxConnection type exposes the following members.

Public methodDispose
Dispose of connection.
Public methodExtractQuery
Override this method if you want to implement custom parsing of your query. If your query is not an SQL query you need to parse it yourself.
Public methodFindTable
Find QvxTable based on name.
Public methodInit
Method used to initialize a new connection. Should be overridden by a custom connector and contain definitions for all QvxTables in the custom data source.
Public fieldMParameters
Below connect statement syntax for Connectors is stated:

CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=custom_connect_app_name;[UserId | XUserId=userid;] [Password | XPassword=password;] [custom_connect_app_specific_param]" ;

Connect Parameters - Description

  • custom_connect_app_name - Connector file name
  • userid - Unscrambled or scrambled user id
  • password - Unscrambled or scrambled password
  • custom_connect_app_specific_param - Connector specific parameters

As an example a custom connect string could look like this:

CUSTOM CONNECT TO "Provider=MyCustomConnect.exe;ASHOST=XX.XX.X.XX;SYSNR=X;CLIENT=X;UserId=X;Password=X ";

Public fieldMTables
Array containing all table definitions made for a custom connector.
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