ApplyCodepage- 指令碼與圖表函數

ApplyCodepage() applies a different code page character set to the field or text stated in the expression. The codepage argument must be in number format.

備註: Although ApplyCodepage can be used in chart expressions, it is more commonly used as a script function in the data load editor. 例如,當您載入儲存在超出您控制的不同字元集中的檔案,您可以套用代表您所需的字元集的字碼頁。


ApplyCodepage(text, codepage)

Return data type: 字串


引數 描述
text Field or text to which you want to apply a different code page, given by the argument codepage.
codepage Number representing the code page to be applied to the field or expression given by text.

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