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Changing the license

The license properties can be changed after they have been set for the first time.

Updating the LEF does the following:

  • User-based license: Changes the number of professional and analyzer access allocations for the Qlik Sense site.
  • Token-based license: Changes the number of tokens for the Qlik Sense site. You use the tokens on access types to give the users access to the hub.
備註: In addition to the site license model with serial and control number, there is also the signed license key alternative. You will need to use this if you are licensing analyzer capacity access.


  1. Select License management on the QMC start page or from the StartS drop-down menu to display the overview.

  2. Select Site license in the panel to the right.

  3. Edit the fields.

    Expand LEF access and click Get LEF and preview the license to download a LEF file from the Qlik Sense LEF server. Alternatively, copy the LEF information from a LEF file and paste it in the text field.

    LEF was successfully retrieved is displayed.

    備註: Failed to get LEF from server is displayed if the serial number or control number is incorrect.
  4. Click Apply in the action bar to apply and save your changes.

    Changes have been applied is displayed.

    備註: Failed to apply changes is displayed if any value is incorrect.