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Distribution Services

In the Distribution Services folder, the QlikView Distribution Service (QDS) cluster(s), that is, the component that prepares and distributes the QlikView documents can be viewed and edited. A QlikView Publisher (QVP) installation can contain many QDSs located on different machines. Hence, these components can also be added and deleted.

備註: A cluster might include one or more nodes.



To create a QDS entry, click on the Add icon, , to the right in the pane, and enter the URL in the new text box. The new entry will be available in the tree view in the left pane.




To entirely remove a configured entry from the list, click on the Delete icon,.


To view or configure the settings of a QDS, in the right pane, click on the entry in the tree view. Each entry contains the following tabs:

Click on each tab label for more information.