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User Documents

On the User Documents page, all documents that are available on the QlikView Server (QVS) are listed in a tree view in the left pane. To view or manage the settings of a document, in the right pane, click on the document in the tree view.

備註: A red asterisk is used to indicate mounted folders in tree views. The icon for the root folder does not carry a red asterisk.

Mounted Folders

備註: These settings should not be changed if a QlikView Publisher (QVP) is set up to distribute the documents, because they are overridden by the settings for the QVP.

Search Document

Enter the desired search term(s) in this text box, to find documents, and click on the Search icon, .

Search Functions

Configure Document Settings

To configure the settings of a document, click on the document in the tree view. In the right pane, the following tabs are presented:

Click on each tab label for more information.