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User: associated items

The following associated items are available for users.

提示: You can adjust the column width by dragging the header border.

User access

User access is available from Associated items when you edit a resource. The preview shows a grid of the target resources and the source users who have access to the selected items. Depending on rights, you can either edit or view a user, a resource, or an associated rule.

Owned items

Owned items is available from Associated items when you edit users. The overview contains a list of the resources owned by the selected users.

Property Description
Name The name of the resource.
Owner The user ID of the user who owns the resource.
Type The type of resource, for example, app or stream.

If you make a selection in the overview and click Edit in the action bar, the edit page for the owned item is displayed. You can only edit two or more owned items simultaneously if they have the same edit page.