Creating an analytic connection

借助分析连接,您将能够将外部分析与商业探索集成。分析连接扩展您可在加载脚本和图表中使用的表达式,方法是调用外部计算引擎(当您如此操作时,计算引擎用作服务器端扩展 (SSE))。例如,您可创建指向 R 的分析连接,并在加载数据时使用统计表达式。


  1. Select Analytic connections on the QMC start page or from the StartS drop-down menu to display the overview.

  2. Click P Create new in the action bar.

  3. Edit the properties.

  4. Click Apply in the action bar to create and save the analytic connection.

    Successfully added is displayed at the bottom of the page.

备注: Changes made to the settings in the QMC will override the settings in the Settings.ini file.