QlikView Server comes in a number of editions designed for different organizations and purposes. Upgrading is done through the license key.

QlikView Server license keys can be installed on as many servers as required provided that only the licensed number of QlikView Servers are running at any given time.

备注: A cold standby environment can be installed and ready-to-run, but cannot be live (that is, the Windows services cannot be started) and in use prior to the live environment being shut down.

To connect to a QlikView Server (QVS), each client needs a Client Access License (CAL). The CALs are purchased with QlikView Server and associated with the server serial number.

备注: CALs are used for licensing only and they have nothing to do with user authentication for data access purposes.

You can read Qlik's license terms, as well as dedicated documentation for QlikView license metrics on