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On the AJAX tab, the settings for the AJAX client can be managed.



The paths to the AJAX client files. To create a path entry, click on the Add icon, , to the right in the pane, and enter the full path to the AJAX client file in the new text box.

Default value 1: /QvAJAXZfc/QvsViewClient.aspx.

Default value 2: /QvAJAXZfc/QvsViewClient.asp.

备注: The default paths may be changed, but the file names have to remain unchanged for the installation to work.


To entirely remove a configured entry from the list, click on the Delete icon,.


No Crypto

To prohibit the use of encryption between the QlikView Web Server (QVWS) and the QVS,tick this check box. To allow the use of encryption, untick this check box.

Prohibit Machine ID

The usage of anonymous bookmarks can be effectively excluded, by prohibiting the sending of machine ID. To prohibit the sending of machine ID, tick this check box. To allow the sending of machine ID, untick this check box.


To enable the logging for the AJAX client, tick this check box. To disable the logging, untick this check box.