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Selecting in a live data sheet


Selecting in a live data sheet

When you play a story you can make selections in live data sheets just as you can in a sheet in sheet view.

Enable selections

Aşağıdakileri yapın:

  1. In storytelling view, click Arrow right above the timeline.
  2. Navigate to a slide with a live data sheet.
  3. Click on the sheet to enable it for selections.

    The sheet is possible to interact with.

  4. Start making selections in the visualizations.

The visualizations respond to selections and filter out subsets of the data.

Bilgi notuYou disable the possibility to make selections by clicking outside the sheet, or by navigating to another story slide.

When you are playing a story on a small screen you must go to sheet view to view the sheet and make selections.

Reset selections

You can reset the selections you have made on the live data sheet.

Aşağıdakileri yapın:

  • While playing the story and with some selections made on a live data sheet, click Reset selections.

The sheet's selections will be reset to the same selections it had at the time you inserted the live data sheet on the slide.

Bilgi notuThe reset gives you the possibility to always return to the same selections as when you inserted the live data sheet on the slide.